About MegatonCities/MegaVerse-X

We posed a crucial question: "How can we create the largest economically independent society on planet Earth?" It’s a challenging goal, but one worth pursuing.

Imagine a layer above the world, brought to life through a powerful city search engine, representing Earth in its full glory using Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and Extended Reality (XR). Now, duplicate every aspect of Earth in this layer—a fully immersive, virtual duplicate of our world.

In this abstract layer, everything is possible. This is where magic lies and opportunities unfold for the MVX user base. We've called it MegatonCities and MegaCities, but as technology advanced, we embraced a new universe strategy and registered MegaVerse-X, with MVX as the common identifier to keep it concise. This allows users to take ownership of a reality elsewhere, adding value and extending their knowledge through mixed and extended reality (MR and ER).


The story of Megaton International is one of inspiration, faith, fortitude, generosity, aspiration, boundless creativity, bold innovation, emancipation, abundance, and obedience. The word "altruism" comes from the French autrui, meaning "other people." On August 8, 2008, the idea was proposed to give everyone on Earth an equal chance to experience abundant happiness in all parts of life, leading to the formation of a profound initiative: TEAM philosophy, aiming to liberate each individual and generate financial independence.

Creating the largest financially independent society on Earth was envisioned as difficult but not insurmountable. It requires many aligned individuals with a shared belief in its success, along with commitment, dedication, and unstoppable energy.

We understood that like-minded individuals must develop local communities first to build the largest global community. The term "megaton," primarily used to measure explosive force, symbolizes the immense collective power of human intellect and spirit when harnessed positively. We calculated that at least 1,000 people would be needed to develop such communities. Just as one ton is 1,000 kilograms, one person can connect with ten others, who in turn connect with ten more, and so on.

To facilitate effective communication and share knowledge, these individuals needed local groups. Thus, the idea for the MVX mobile platform was developed as an advanced community builder, inclusive of a virtual ecosystem, enabling citizens to interact with one another and businesses while pursuing financial prosperity. And so, Megaton International was founded.

The Vision

To create the world's largest community of financially independent people.

The Mission

To make it easier and more effective for people, companies, and brands to interact, connect, and transact on mobile smartphones.

The Objective

To deliver the most cutting-edge virtual mobile business environment embracing 4IR and IoT through MAST (Megaton Augmented Smart Technology) on mobile devices. Using the MegatonCities app, users can access a virtual city and benefit from enhanced brand and customer engagement via various marketing and advertising techniques. First, we create the community, then the CITY, and finally transform the world.

Our Identity

Megaton International is a proudly South African business comprised of daring individuals with unbounded imagination, fearless innovation, and infinite reality. People with the power of three who believe in contributing to changing the world.

How We Act

We build and develop platforms and opportunities for people and businesses to connect, creating the most sophisticated virtual SmartCities ecosystem on the planet. This allows them to access functional, emotional, and life-changing value, promoting self-transcendence and positive social impact.

We provide various X-aaS (anything-as-a-service) to maximize online presence for each user on the MegatonCities platform, including:

  • Backend as a Service (BaaS) and Analytics as a Service (AaaS)
  • Database as a Service (DBaaS) and Data as a Service (DaaS)
  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
  • Functions as a Service (FaaS)
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS)
  • Software as a Service (SaaS)

Why Do We Do It?

Cities are adopting new technologies rapidly, and urban leaders must act to close the technological gap between their cities and stakeholders. Smart cities have already seen reduced crime, traffic, and pollution, and improved public health, productivity, and living conditions. But smart cities must evolve into hyperconnected urban centers to fully realize the potential of technology, transforming and connecting key ecosystem components like roads, vehicles, buildings, energy grids, people, and other cities.

Hyperconnected smart cities use the latest technologies to transform and connect essential urban ecosystem components, maximizing economic, commercial, environmental, and social gains. This involves technologies like free Wi-Fi, IoT, cloud computing, mobile technology, biometrics, AI, blockchain, and telematics.

We believe that developing MegatonCities for future online engagement will change how people interact, fostering community development and socioeconomic uplift through pervasive mobile smartphones and innovative software.

How We Do It

The mobile smartphone screen is an undervalued billboard. We aim to effectively, efficiently, and economically communicate messages through this screen. Redesigning commercial space into a virtual trading center allows for a comprehensive advertising framework based on VR and AR.

The MegatonCities mobile platform, using 4IR and IoT technology, hosts online products that enhance mobile marketing, advertising, e-commerce, digital wallets, social media, gamification, and revenue earning. The MegatonCities virtual ecosystem, through the MVX E-Wallet, enables businesses to spread their messages quickly, easily, and cost-effectively.

When Will It Be Completed?

We have been beta testing the MegatonCities Android app for over 14 months, achieving significant progress even during the COVID-19 pandemic. The platform includes:

  • 322 citizens on the MegatonCities Mobile Platform
  • Online presence in 23 countries
  • 28,947 Beacons (Message Delivery Points globally)
  • 13 million+ Places of Interest (POI)
  • Over 20,000 claimed POIs, mostly in South Africa, the UK, Europe, and Australasia

We are preparing for the next step in creating Virtual SmartCities, aligning with our vision of creating the largest financial community on Earth.

What Follows?

The MegatonCities smartphone app will launch in April 2021. Anyone can enter the MegatonCities universe for free with a CITY VISA, allowing them to live in the city/system for free after initial registration.

To access all benefits within the CITY, users need to upgrade their Visitor VISA to a Paid account. A limited supply of Gold VIP Founder VISA’s, VIP Founder VISAS, Gold Premiere VISA’s, and Premiere VISAS have been made available, each accompanied by a one-time share offer in Megaton International Ltd.

Who Is This For?

MegatonCities is for those looking to alter their present circumstances for a better, financially independent future by integrating into a community with a common goal. It’s for pioneers who believe they can change the world using the power of three and want to take the first step toward creating Virtual SmartCities.

Join the MVXer community today to gain access to a world of unmatched financial wealth. Step forward; we’re waiting for you!

Company Details:

Registered Business Details:

Megaton International Ltd (2016/075414/06) 2313 Willow Road, Betty’s Bay, Western Cape, 7141, South Africa PO Box 322, Betty’s Bay, 7141

Company Secretary:

Riaan Deventer


Name Business Details Address Details


Name Business Details Address Details

Going to Market

We start by "Taking ownership of the mobile marketing real estate at brick & mortar real-estate locations” worldwide. Locations like malls, office blocks, shopping centers, airports, restaurants, and more will need to provide patrons with free data. Here is where MegaMagic comes to life, and Brands/Businesses start to communicate unobtrusively with the user-base through:

  • Unobtrusive messaging
  • Voucher/Coupon delivery
  • Virtual Billboard interactivity
  • Point of interest (POI) MicroSite presence
  • Virtual/Augmented City information on the fly
  • Featured Listings
  • SLAM 3D Object Recognition
  • Image Recognition AR
  • Location Based AR
  • Instant tracking AR
  • Object & Scene recognition AR
  • Gamification mechanism
  • Immersive engagement
  • Improved shopping experience

The platform includes MegaBeacons, MegaTags, MegaFence, and MegaStream, along with Raspberry Pi (Social Wi-Fi). It supports XR (IoT extender methods), AR, and VR, focused on creating a smart city experience that connects customers with brands and businesses. The system offers fun currencies: MegaBucks and AfroBuck, tied to the US dollar. Users gain MegaBucks by interacting with Brands/Businesses.

The 10 Business Zones in the MegatonCities Partner Program each consist of several countries and cities. With Phase 1 in test, the system is cloud-based and fully mapped, potentially generating revenue within three to six months.

This is a crucial understanding for our future. More information will follow as we continue development.

From an excited, passionate MegaTeam!