What makes MVX different?

It's critical that you comprehend the system and all the benefits it delivers to the userbase if you want to make the most of MegatonCities "MVX".

The term "MVX'er" is used to describe system users.

MVX offers free lifetime access. However, you would want an entry VISA if you wanted to participate on a commercial basis. The many types of VISAs are listed below.

VISA Name Once Off Fee Monthly Fee Commission Threshold Income Capped Value Available VISA's
Gold VIP VISA US$ 345 US$ 0 Not applicable US$ 75,000 500 Users
VIP VISA US$ 240 US$ 0 Not applicable US$ 65,000 1,500 Users
Gold Premiere VISA US$ 150 US$ 115 US$ 127 US$ 50,000 5,000 Users
Premiere VISA US$ 95 US$ 80 US$ 88 US$ 40,000 395,000 Users
Gold Executive VISA US$ 85 US$ 70 US$ 77 US$ 35,000 Unlimited
Executive VISA US$ 70 US$ 60 US$ 66 US$ 30,000 Unlimited
Ambassador VISA US$ 60 US$ 50 US$ 55 US$ 20,000 Unlimited
Citizen VISA US$ 50 US$ 40 US$ 44 US$ 15,000 Unlimited
Visitor VISA US$ 0 US$ 0 Not applicable US$ 345 Unlimited

As shown in the table above, a maximum monthly revenue cap is relevant for each type of VISA.

Each of the VISA options come with advantages/system tools included in the original & monthly cost.

NOTE THAT ONLY COMMISSION EARNED IS USED TO PAY MONTHLY PAYMENTS. This means that no monthly charge is deducted from any user's account if they have not reached the given commission threshold.

Where do commissions come from?

First we need to understand the types of earnings:

A MegaBucks

  1. The value of MegaBucks is calculated on 20% of Megaton International Ltd's overall revenue (excluding multi-vendor sales), which comes from sales derrived from advertising and VISA Access income.
  2. 1 = 100 MegaPoints; MegaBucks are sub-divided into 100 MegaPoints. These MegaPoints are earned when viewing ads and clicking through on ads. Please find the earnings list here;
  3. MegaBuck [MB] Earnings can be converted to AfroPoints at the MegaBuck Rate at the time of the conversion takes place;
  4. A 2.5% conversion fee is applicable on all conversions;
  5. Minimum conversion of MegaBucks to AfroPoint is MB 100; 
  6. There must always be MB 10.00 in the MB Wallet;
  7. Users can transfer MegaBucks to other users in the system @ a cost of 1.25% per transfer;


B AFroBucks

  1. The platform and system for MVX loyalty points is called AFroBucks;
  2. 100 AFroPoints = 1 AfroBuck;
  3. The value of the AFroBuck is always US$ 1.00 [one United States Dollar for one AFroBuck].
  4. Users would receive AFroPoints while converting MegaBucks, successfully completed direct VISA sales, MicroSite upgrades, Partner Program commissions, MDP revenue earnings, CVB reveue earnings, any other earnings within the system of which exceptions are excluded;

 The MVX platform functions on the following principles:

    1. Each MVX user is inserted into the MVX database like any other system would;
    2. Referred users would be associated with the referrer;
    3. Those not referred to MVX are commonly know as "orphan members" and would be added to the system from left to right and from top to bottom. This means that all users will ultimately have to them linked users much the same way we are linked one way or the other in life;
    4. No user is obliged to refer other users, ever;
    5. No user is obliged to pay upfront to enter the system;
    6. Payments are only mandatory when using the tools and mechanisms on the platform;
    7. Users can live in the system for free forever;
    8. MVX is not a multi-level-marketing business and does not conform to any MLM styled business at all;
    9. Users pay for products and tools in the system, always;
    10. The link between the users within the system determines the earnings of any individual user and user receives the commission as per the general rules of the platform inline with the user access VISA chosen;
    11. There is no guarantee that users will receive commission; 
  1. MVX Partner Program;
    1. The world as we know it is divided into 10 business zones;
    2. Each business zone consists of countries;
    3. Each country consistes of provinces/states;
    4. States/Provinces consist of municipalities/burrows;
    5. Municipalities/Burrows consist of wards;
    6. MVX'ers are able to own any of these programs and earn overriding commission on revenue generated within any of these commercial areas;
    7. Each of the commercial areas are simulated in a virtual reality perspective basically emulating our lives on earth with massive value added possibilities grouped but not limited to Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed reality, Extended Reality;
    8. Owner of these Partner Program areas have the ability to duplicate their   


Now that you know where the commissions are from lets look at the system/platform:

The things you’ll do when You Live In A Digital City,

MegaVX “MVX” the first digital City of its kind.

Life's only constant is change, so be prepared for that! Those who accept it won't be coerced into doing so, for sure.

Most changes come as an unwelcome, unexpected, and unannounced surprise, especially in the context of the digital information age we currently inhabit.

A mobile marketing company appears with a brand-new strategy for dealing with the impending changes in the digital world. This company embraces change. It was a breath of fresh air when this new business sought to incorporate every smart phone owner in the construction of MVX, the first "Digital City" of its type.

What is a Digital City? You may need some clarity, as there are so many takes on this “terminology” that it may lead to a considerable amount of confusion.

When we at MVX refer to a Digital City reference is made to the City in Real Terms of a place or destination in physical terms, now experienced through the interconnectedness offered by the internet of things (IOT) as a place or destination on your mobile internet connected device.

We still speak as though the digital city is something that’s just out of reach of our finest technological prowess, or at least our ability to apply it. Perhaps that’s because emerging technologies keep changing our perspectives on what is possible. Today we’re thinking of driverless cars, intelligent sensor systems and the Internet of everything. How will you live differently when MVX becomes a reality?

You’ll be involved in your community by way of interactivities that pays your way forward to embrace and be part of the changes that are happening around you. Where many city dwellers of today feel a sense of detachment from their communities due to individualism and not being made party to the changes by way of design, MVX have identified this and reversed the status quo. If you own a Smart internet connected device, you can join MVX and experience the thrill of getting paid for your part in living in the digital City.

You’ll use MVX on your mobile device to engage in an awesome digital App which is designed around the user experience. You might already be using Uber, and you can expect every service industry to go in a similar direction.

Much like Uber being the largest taxi business in the world not owning a taxi and AirB&B being the largest Bed & Breakfast company not owning any real-estate similarly MVX is the biggest city in the world owning no real-estate! The “gig economy” is rising out of digital connectivity. It means you’ll hire plumbers, hairdressers, and accountants through the App and whilst doing so, build a life around the economies naturally happening in the city already.

You’ll find the MVX Platform/PWA App to be part of the next tier of interconnectedness. When everything is connected to the Internet, and your device is connected to everything, you’ll have an easier time navigating the city and finding all the cool things it has to offer. Being a tourist in your own city will take on a whole new meaning. Here is a perfect example.

You’ll be more aware of your environmental footprint. Governments and environmental activists have done a lot in recent years to make us more aware of our personal contributions to waste management problems, climate change, energy consumption, and so on. With increasingly cost-efficient technologies making our usage more efficient and more visible, we’ll keep getting more eco-friendly more responsible citizens and this all will create a far better economy that works together to improve the conditions of living for everybody.

MVX is an Affiliate based opportunity for all entrepreneur minded people who are eager to make their smart phones work for them. If you are aware of the power of new economy stiffening opportunities like Crypto currencies and the likes of many other digital advances made via communication and life improving Apps, you will most surely not want to miss out on the founding opportunities that is available to when you join MVX as one of the GOLD VIP founding VISA members. There is only 500 Gold VIP VISA’s available.

To enter the MVX City you would need a VISA. There are many VISA types of which each VISA type would grant you access to certain features in the city. The MVX Gold VIP Founder VISA is our flagship granting you access to all the amenities for a once in a lifetime fee of US$ 350.

If there is one thing about which you can be certain, it is that change will occur, so you should also be aware of the second fact, namely, that you should never pass up the MVX GOLD VIP opportunity.

The MVX Partner Program